2021 1.27

Recently shortlisted_EuropeAid/140551/IH/SER/TR

The objectives of the contract are to increase technical capabilities and to establish a new infrastructure to the Center for Life Sciences and Technologies of Boğaziçi University (BULifeSci) including those with scope of the related supply contract (EuropeAid/140552/IH/SUP/TR) and to provide training and support services to life science technology based SMEs in order to improve their benefit from BULifeSci services and to increase their competitiveness. The Technical Assistance component, to be managed under this contract, includes following key activities:
i) Technical assistance and capacity building services for life science centres, including at least: Analysing and reviewing of the current and planned operations of BULifeSci, establishing Business Development Unit and preparing a revised Business plan; Benchmark analysis comparing BULifeSci with other successful centres, study visits to similar centres; Establishment of new infrastructures with all necessary protocols, manuals and personnel training; Integration of new infrastructures with the existing infrastructures, including revision of existing manuals; Complementary activities, communication and visibility actions such as opening and closing events, study visits and production and dissemination of promotional material
ii) Consultancy, support and training services for SMEs, including at least: Assessment of current situation and detailed technical need analysis of related SMEs and stakeholders; Organization of focus group meetings to profile target groups’ current situation and needs/expectations; Provision of trainings and boost support to related SMEs.